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Seaking Boats North Queensland


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Introducing the Seaking Boats Nth Qld 750W Profisher 

New "750W Master" Engineers Drawings now complete and build about to commence.
We have listened to our followers, subscribers and customers to help us design our exclusive new Model.
This new model has been meticulously crafted with a redesigned hull, retaining our popular reverse double chine design but now boasting an impressive 2.65m beam.
Enhanced Stability and Safety:
The extended bow rails of the 750W Master not only contribute to its sleek and modern aesthetic but also play a pivotal role in enhancing safety. With a strategically positioned boarding ladder at the front, accessibility is a breeze, whether you're entering the boat from the water or stepping aboard from the shore. Great for front loading access especially in areas where crocodiles are a concern.
Built into the side railings are 4 fishing rod holders and a hatch cover over the anchor winch to provide a safe & level, trip free casting deck.  All covered by our matching Sea Deck for a safe non slip surface thats soft & comfy under foot.
Fishing & Family Overnighting Cross-over:
Whilst retaining all the features our customers love when out fishing - we have made some modifications to make this vessel even more suitable for multiple night getaways.
Our exclusive hull now has 440 litres fuel capacity along with storage for fresh water bladders - size yet to be confirmed. So you can now access the Reef and spend days searching for your next favourite spot without having to carry extra fuel aboard.
The Rear preparation area has been enhanced. We have removed the large bait tank in the centre and given the space a dual purpose. Now either a fish cleaning / bait preparation area with close by deck wash and multiple drainage holes for ease of cleaning.  However - if you prefer to have the main bait tank in place you can keep the original design.
The large drawer underneath has been designed to be large enough to house a dual burner gas or butane stove. Simply pull out, place on top and connect your chosen cooker to the convenient side Gas outlet on the side of the area.
Cook up your latest catch at night with two flexible stem LED lights situated right above to transform the area into a function kitchen space.
Versatile Customisation:
One of the standout features of this new design is the additional width, which opens up a world of possibilities for custom layouts.
The spacious interior invites creativity, allowing anglers to tailor the boat to their specific needs. The possibilities are endless, from optimised storage solutions to personalised seating arrangements, making every fishing expedition uniquely yours.
We have settled on a design for our DEMO boat that we think maximises the use of the space to provide the best of both worlds - Fishing & Family.
The port side has one large bench seat with a reversible back rest so you can sit inside or flip the backrest and be facing out where the action is.
The access and storage underneath has been designed to house a large 160litre Icey Tek Style Esky. Have your esky out down the middle of the deck during the hot fishing periods to keep your days catch then easily slide it away out of sight in the huge storage area when preparing to settle for the evening.
Drawers and hatches have been added as well to store all your necessary cooking or fishing utensils.
We have also added a 2cm lip to the perimeter of the extended roofline to assist in channeling any rainwater to the rear of the boat.
This new design has a Maximum Horse Power rating to 400hp and can come as either a single or a twin motor transom.
We have ordered a new Mercury 400hp V10 5.7litre outboard for our Demo, along with Zip Wakes and Simrad Electronics.  We honestly cannot wait to launch this new beast.
The price range of this model will be btw the $179-$229k.  The price variance will of course depend on:
-options fitted at factory
-Motor size and Brand
-Trailer style
Stay tuned for more build photos and progress posts as we embark on the final stages of our build!!

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